Book Recommendation: Cirque Berserk by Jessica Guess

Book recommendation: Cirque Berserk

By Jessica Guess

Published by Unnerving, 2020 (Rewind or Die #4)

A group of friends make a late night decision to visit the Cirque Berserk, a site of historical violence and fuel for modern legends. The shut down carnival has plans for revenge as a night of terror rains down on the group.

This book felt like reading a movie, and I felt myself turning pages faster than I could read them. There were a couple of great twists, coupled with a wonderful feel of 80s cheese. The kills were brutal, the characters were interesting, and the lore was well-established.

Even though this book had a lot of horror tropes, I didn’t feel at all put off by it. I love reading stories that, even though they tell a familiar tale, have a heart and a thudding pace. The book was well-written, and felt like the author had a glint in her eye that I could see while reading.

I read this book as part of the Queens of Horror Book Club on Instagram and I recommend this quick read for a fun jaunt to the carnival. I’m excited to check out more in the Rewind or Die series.

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