Book Recommendation: The Reading Buddy by Bryce Gibson

The Reading Buddy

By Bryce Gibson

Published by Bryce Gibson, 2017

Bryce Gibson is here to resurrect the YA horror fiction of my youth. I’ve read a couple of his books now, and I appreciate the throwbacks to Point Horror fiction of the 90s. There’s a cold open, twists and turns, and a mental health aspect to this story that I felt gave the story heart.

Gibson has crafted a world here that feels very much so alive. The interwoven aspects of modern technology and modern sentiments about mental health helped liven the story. I felt connected to the main character, feeling his pain and growth throughout which made the plot hit home all the harder.

Gibson’s writing flows well, making for a quick read. This was something I loved about those 90s YA horror books: I could sit down and read one of those books in an afternoon, feeling like I lived through a slasher. The Reading Buddy does just that. The plot is intricate, yet easy to follow, filled with blood, and fun.

The Reading Buddy reads like a mystery, and one that some may be familiar with. Not only is there mystery evident in the plot, the murder and violence, and identities of characters, but there is also mystery in piecing together the personality of the main character, as well as past events and memory. This, too, helps keep the plot quick and intriguing.

I recommend The Reading Buddy to give you quite a few tingles up and down that spine.

*Copy provided by the author in exchange for a review. Thank you!

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